When a Phoenix Rose Nevermore
When a Phoenix Rose Nevermore

Dear Literary Traveler,
Another life-affirming journey between you and C.A. Nicholas awaits! In this standalone sequel to Cycles of the Phoenix, you will encounter tragic tales and surreal comedies, as well as degrees of horror. Yet the heroes of these diverse, interlaced, and multigenerational stories share a desire to show you how to find happiness amid persistent sorrow; their mantra is this: you are wonderful because you exist.

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Rising like a phoenix out of adversity is the hope of Dahlia, an artistic college student who struggles with negative self-doubt and suicidal ideation. The book follows her through some of the more transformational moments in her young adult life, as well as through the viewpoint of family members closest to her. Dahlia struggles with letting her therapist and others into her thoughts, memories, and negative self-doubt. Throughout Dahlia's young adult to adult experiences, she finds comfort in writing, much like the author of this book, C.A. Nicholas.

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