The Web: GulliverZone
The Web: GulliverZone
The Web: GulliverZone
Stephen Baxter
Welcome to the infinite worlds of The WebFebruary 7, 2027, is World Peace Day. All over the world, celebrations are in full swing. There's even free access to the Web today--a chance to sample the infinite worlds and endless possibilities of virtual reality. Finally, a chance for Sarah to spin into the Web. Too bad she has to bring her little brother, George, with her. But Sarah knows she'll have a great time in GulliverZone, the best theme park in the Web, anyway. What Sarah doesn't know is that February 7, 2027, will turn out to be a day of danger beyond imagination.The peace that is being celebrated in the real world does not extend into cyberspace. A mysterious being known only as the Sorceress seeks to use the Web for her own purposes...and she won't let anything--or anybody--stand her in way... in Stephen Baxter's The Web: GulliverZone.

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  • Adventure
  • Science Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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In the world of "The Web" series, people are hooked up to the internet by using suits that take their minds to the web. Sarah is one of the many users on the Web, and on world peace day takes a friend and her annoying little brother on a trip to the Gulliver Zone, a virtual magical kingdom. However, after meeteing a small race of people called lilliputians, Sarah and her brother are shrunk down to the lilliputian's size.

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