Water Fire Steam
Water Fire Steam

<p>The year is 1884. Rolla Alan Jones, an ambitious dreamer fresh out of an East Coast engineering school, is commissioned to design and build the first water system in Spokane Falls, Washington, a booming town of twenty-thousand. He is everyone&#39;s golden boy for five years until the city burns down on August 4, 1889. The once-celebrated engineer is scapegoated for the catastrophe alleging his system yielded inadequate water pressure. Asked to resign, betrayed by his friends, shunned by the community, and abandoned by his pregnant wife and three-year-old son, Rolla must find the strength to reinvent himself or return to New York as an abject failure. Based on a true story, Water Fire Steam is a story of forgiveness and redemption for anyone who has ever had to claw their way back from an unwarranted accusation.</p>

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  • Historical Fiction

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  • Mature Young Adult
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Based on real events, Water Fire Steam tells the story of Rolla Jones, a civil engineer commissioned to engineer a water system for the growing town of Spokane Falls, Washington. In 1884, Rolla traveled out west to begin working, leaving his fiance back east. By 1889, everything seemed to be perfect: Rolla had a happy family, his design for the water system had been successfully implemented, and he was respected throughout the town. One day, all of this shatters when the town experiences a catastrophic fire. Are Rolla and his water system somehow to blame?

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