Warriors From Beyond
Warriors From Beyond: Rise of the Empire (Volume 1)
Warriors From Beyond
In this strange new world of Beyond, Five Kingdoms vie for supremacy. Each Kingdom has a proud and forthright race: Vampires, Elves, Gargoyles, Werecats, and Ogres. Beyond is embroiled in a constant struggle for power, with some Kingdoms very wealthy and some comprised of the humble poor. One man seeks to unite them all, and to rule as Emperor. Scarred by the King's murder of his drunkard father, Lord Ruthro grew up as a member of a despised race, and vows to brings prosperity and equality to all, so that no one is left behind. His rapid rise to power is marked by blood and charisma in equal parts, shrewdly capitalizing on the civil unrest within each Kingdom. But as Emperor, Lord Ruthro has grown despotic and corrupt. Who shall stop him? The Three Fates, descended from the Gods, have prophesied his ascendency. They shall seize six babies, and protect them on a post-apocalyptic Earth, and infuse them with incredible powers. When these six Warriors come of age on Earth, they shall return to battle with Lord Ruthro. This spell-weaving tale will feature strange creatures, devious spells of magic, and many diabolical traps and tricks aplenty in the Warrior's path.

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  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Warriors From Beyond: Rise of the Empire is a fantasy about Ruthro, Destine, and a group of children taken at birth from their parents and transformed into warriors.  

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