The Veil of Gold
The Veil of Gold
The Veil of Gold
Kim Wilkins
When an ancient gold bear is found walled up in a dilapidated St. Petersburg bathhouse, researcher Daniel St. Clair and his frosty colleague Em Hayward set out for the university in Arkhangelsk to verify its age. Along the way they are mysteriously set adrift. Maps are suddenly useless. Lost and exhausted they turn north, sinking even deeper into the secrets and terrors of the Russian landscape.Daniel’s lost love, the wild and beautiful Rosa Kovalenka, fears the worst when Daniel goes missing and resolves to find him. To do so will mean confronting her past and secrets that she has fought to suppress. The only way to save him is to go forward, where she encounters the haunted Chenchikov clan, a family with their own shadowy tangle of grief, desire, and treachery. In the unknowable, impenetrable Russian forest, Rosa meets an enigmatic wanderer who is full of tales and riddles of times past. Who might hold the key to Rosa and Daniel’s future--or the destruction of their world.

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  • Adventure
  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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The worlds of Mir, the normal human world, and Skazki, the magical world, are causing trouble for Rosa, Daniel, and Em. Rosa and Daniel were lovers before, but they split. When Rosa finds a magical golden bear she requests help from Daniel to learn more about it. Soon, Daniel and his fellow worker, Em, get pulled and trapped inside of Skazki by the bear. They face all kinds of demons and trouble. Rosa realizes what has happened, and she sets out on a quest to get into Skazki as well and bring her friends back.

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