Under a Purple Moon
Under a Purple Moon
Under a Purple Moon
No Love in the Garden of Eden...Eden Rose has learned to deal with her mother’s criticism that she can do nothing right. What she can’t deal with are the arguments between her parents. To escape their angry words, she finds refuge in an old abandoned house. She always returns home, hoping her mother will love her one day, even though Eden’s not sure what the word love means. Three other teens with problems also hang out at the Old House. Meeting Murphy, Toby, and Josh changes Eden’s world, and she begins to have faith in herself. Perhaps she can do something right, after all. Thanks to the boys, she begins to understand the meaning of love. But will it be enough to save her broken home life?

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  • Fiction
  • Romance

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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According to Eden's mother, Eden can't do anything right. Eden has learned to deal with it; what else is she supposed to do? She can't deal with the constant fighting between her parents and escapes them by hanging out in an abandoned house. She hopes that her parents will love her one day, even though she's not sure what love is. Murphy, Toby, and Josh are three other teens that hang out at the abandoned house. They teach her how to have faith in herself and show her that she can do something right. Will these boys' love save her broken life?

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