Tyler & His Solve-A-Matic Machine: Future Business Leaders
Tyler & His Solve-a-Matic Machine (Future Business Leaders' Series™)
Tyler & His Solve-A-Matic Machine: Future Business Leaders
Guy Smalley, Jennifer Shelley, Jennifer Bouani
Every so often a new writer surfaces who along with the company of the likes of Roald Dahl, EB White, CS Lewis and others has the talent to speck to children about things adult in a manner that is not only informative and correct intelligently, but at the same time keeps in mind the importance of molding the realm of fantasy and tales that still focus the attention of all of us. Jennifer Bouani has the gift and in TYLER & HIS SOLVE-A-MATIC MACHINE she bows on stage as a skilled thinker and a consummate communicator. Billed as a part of a series for 'Future Business Leaders', this story is told through the palpably real ten year old orphan Tyler Sogno who dreams of sailing around the world to meet all peoples. His daydreaming for his lost sailor father distracts him form his studies and he comes up with the idea of building a machine that will make homework a snap - the Solve-a-matic machine. Tyler 'meets' the spiritual guardian Soté, the Great Spirit of the Entrepreneurs form the land of Profits, who introduces Tyler to the prospects of becoming an entrepreneur, instructing and supporting him as to how to accomplish his dream. Then with a deft hand at creating whimsy that is pertinent and smart (Tyler lives in a metropolis called 'Nessibus', a reconstructed version of 'Business' - for example) Bouani sets tasks using the elevators of skyscrapers on top of which are penthouses to aid Tyler and friends on the journey to success. In the end Soté congratulates Tyler on his perilous adventure: You have succeeded in creating your Solve-a-matic company before sunrise. You have learned many lessons along the way. You have found your confidence, learned to be organized, and devoted yourself to your work. You have learned to be resourceful and have unleashed your imagination on the world. You've learned to lead and to take risks; And the lessons learned are soundly basic and richly entertaining in the introduction of all manner of animal life and wild adventures. This book is aimed at the age 9 to 12 group, but the book is so full of well-conceived steps to take in making something of a dream that it is fodder for much older wannabe entrepreneurs! Highly sophisticated writing and a true pleasure to read. --Amazon.com Top 10 Reviewer: Grady Harp

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  • Fantasy

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  • 12 and up
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This book's story was an adventure. It started out with the main character, John, an orphan, doing his homework. As the story went on he found a hotel with a gene. This gene told him a riddle and how to achieve being an entrepreneur. He goes to different floors and does different projects. This book is mainly about John trying to build a career.

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