True Tails
True Tails
True Tails
J.H. Soeder
True Tails is not just a collection of anecdotal stories about the animals that surround us. It's the true story of the life of a young boy who, at the age of two, discovers that he can hear animals speak and how those conversations affect and mold his life. Through these stories you'll discover some secrets about animals along with some incredibly funny moments of the world that surrounds us all. These are wonderful lessons about life that are waiting to be learned, lessons for all ages and all walks of life.

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Animals, animals, animals, is all Jon can think about since he learned he could communicate with animals through his mind. Jon learns he can talk to animals when he is only two years old. Throghout his life Jon has had many experiences with animals. The animals become his best friends since he is the only boy in his family, (besides his dad) so he has no one to play with. This book is a short story book with a bunch of different stories about the animals Jon meets. The very first animal Jon meets is a pigeon who winds up being his own.

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According to the author, True Tails is a true book about about a child who at two years old mysteriously discovers that he can communicate with animals through his mind. The story follows the author all through his childhood, high school years, and into his forties. Throughout the book there are different situations with animals where Jon helps them, plays with them, or just meets them. The animals that the author meets include anything from pigeons to peacocks and from snakes to whales.

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