True Blue: Book One of the True Blue Trilogy
True Blue: Book One of the True Blue Trilogy (Volume 1)
True Blue: Book One of the True Blue Trilogy
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It's 1972 in Chickasaw, Alabama—a time when kids ride their bikes all over town, spend lazy summer days finding shapes in the clouds, squirt each other with the water hose, catch lightning bugs in a jar, and play outside until the streetlights come on. Best friends Jeana, Wade, and Billy Joe have lived on the same street all their lives, but things start to change the summer after the fourth grade. The boys begin to look at Jeana and each other differently, and puberty is getting close to rearing its ugly head. Can the three of them stay friends, or will someone's heart get broken? And who is that new boy in Chickasaw with the royal blue eyes? Fans of Stand By Me and Bridge to Terabithia will love the friendship bond between the characters and how it's affected by the sweet adolescent love story reminiscent of The Wonder Years.

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  • Juvenile Fiction
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  • 12 and up
True Blue by Joyce Scarbrough is a story to treasure in your heart forever. Beginning in fourth grade, Wade Strickland has really wanted to tell Jeana Rusell that he is madly in love with her. So has Billy Joe DuBose. Jeana loves them both as brothers, not as boyfriends. 
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True Blue is a book about three best friends named Billy Joe, Wade, and Jeana. The small group of kids have always been best friends since elementary school. They would spend almost every summer together, either going to the pool or having a picnic. As they finish fourth grade though, the two boys, Billy Joe and Wade, begin to view Jeana from a different perspective. They also meet the new kid, Mickey, from Chickasaw with royal blue eyes. Mickey is quickly introduced into the group of friends for his personality and attitude.

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True Blue is a story about a group of friends set in 1972. The main characters in this book are Jenna Russell, Wade Strickland and Billy Joe DuBose. It describes what it’s like when they are together and when they aren’t together. Sometimes it shows us how life was difficult back in 1972. Along the way, some characters start having feelings for each other that cause many problems within their friend group. The conflicts continue to escalate throughout the book. Will they remain friends, or will this mighty trio be affected because of all the problems?

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