Troll Fell
Troll Fell
Troll Fell
Katherine Langrish
A secret kingdom of trolls, and their legendary gold, lies in the mysterious shadows of Troll Fell. It is to this eerie and dangerous place that Peer must go after his father's sudden death, to live with his greedy uncles, Baldur and Grim, at their mill. When Peer discovers his uncles' plan to sell children to the trolls, he has to bury his fears and set out to stop them somehow. In a world filled with magic and mystery, Peer has only his bravery, his wits, and two new allies -- a daring girl looking for adventure and a mischievous house spirit looking for a good meal. Their story will become part of the legends and lore that fill this extraordinary land by the sea.

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  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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An orphaned boy and the twin giants that are his uncles are not a good match. Especially when the only reason the uncles want him is so that they can sell him to the trolls for gold. Peer loves his home even though his father is now dead. Unfortunately, his uncles don't care whether he wants to stay there or not, because they want him at their mill at Troll Fell. At least he gets to take his dog Loki, but that turns into a problem too when they meet Grendel, the twin's dog. Can anything possibly go right for Peer and his dog?

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