The Treasure of Peril Island
The Treasure of Peril Island

The winds of change are about to fill the sails of Jack Drayton…

A penniless young man living on a barge on the Thames in 1903 London, Jack Drayton is unsure of where his life is heading. He’s trying to decide what to do with himself next when he meets a peculiar stranger. Needing a ride to shore one evening, Jack hitches a ride from this stranger, who speaks, dresses, and behaves as though he’s stepped out of another era. After Jack helps the man escape a fracas in town, he tells Jack that he is in fact Black Juan Gaskara, an infamous pirate, and claims that he’s on the run for his life.

Now, that would be all fine and good, except for the fact that the real Black Juan Gaskara would have to be over 112 years old; or more logically, dead.

Despite his disbelief however, Jack is intrigued by the man. Especially when he learns of the treasure that Gaskara has apparently hidden on Peril Island, a place only known to Black Juan.

Before Juan is murdered by descendants of the crew he double-crossed over the loot, he leaves Jack with a cryptogram and map that will reveal where the treasure is hidden. Now it's up to Jack to recover the treasure before Black Juan’s enemies – who wish to use it to set up a global crime empire – get their hands on it first. With his best friend Hector at his side, Jack must venture on the dangerous ocean journey of a lifetime, following the cryptic clues to uncover the treasure before Gaskara’s foes put an end to his search…and his life!

Author C.W. James creates a fast-paced and thrilling historical novel that will capture the imagination of young adult audiences and hold them fast until the very last page. Perfect for casual readers and bibliophiles alike, The Treasure of Peril Island is the kind of book that will ignite one’s love of reading, or continue to kindle the existing flame. A classic story of adventure, mystery, pirate curses and hidden treasure, this is the optimal book to add to any teen library!

Book Details


  • Adventure

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up

Jack Drayton is just a boy who lives on his barge, occasionally working on voyages to make some money. One day, a group of drunken men cut his barge loose, and he gets a ride back with an old man. Once they reach their destination, a group of men attempts to kill them, and Jack learns that the old man is the legendary freebooter and pirate, Black Juan Gaskara. Juan tells him about a treasure that he and his crew have hidden on Peril Island.

In The Treasure of Peril Island by C. W. James, Jack Drayton takes a boat ride full of adventures and mysteries that unravel as the reader dives into a story full of fun.  Jack runs into a pirate who tells him about treasure hidden on Peril Island.  From decoding hidden messages to fighting pirates, the path Jack follows to Peril Island is anything but smooth.  A ship burns and Jack saves his friends and himself while continuously keeping his mind thinking one step ahead.  But what will happen when even Jack doesn’t know what to do?

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