The Tomb of Ptahmes
The Tomb of Ptahmes

A blend of historical intrigue and imaginative fiction.

Embark on a riveting journey stretching from an ancient Egyptian tomb in the sun-scorched Libyan Desert to the streets and back alleys of 1910 London. This gripping and fast-paced adventure introduces Carter Pinsent, the son of an English archaeologist, whose world takes an unexpected turn after becoming involved in the discovery of the enigmatic tomb of Ptahmes, an ancient Egyptian priest.

The tale unfolds with the promise of untold treasures and long-lost secrets, but this archaeological find proves to be anything but ordinary. Beyond historical artifacts, the tomb holds properties that defy explanation, blurring the lines between the known and the unknown, magic and science, life and death.

With the entrance of Sir Robert Ottley, a celebrated yet controversial Egyptologist, Carter becomes ensnared in rivalries and deceit. The narrative takes a supernatural turn with the arrival of Dr. Belleville, a discredited doctor and spiritualist, introducing a world where forces from beyond and resurrection are terrifyingly real. Sir Robert's intriguing daughter, May, adds a layer of complexity to the tale, challenging Carter's beliefs and contributing to a cast of vibrant characters. The excavation transforms into a race against death as each party strives to unlock the tomb's mysteries first. 

More than a mere treasure hunt, The Tomb Of Ptahmes delves into the realms of darkness and light, exploring the delicate balance between myth and history. It seamlessly intertwines themes of legacy and the enduring human quest for understanding. Perfect for enthusiasts of historical adventure, teens who crave a different type of story, and reluctant readers, this narrative is a journey of discovery not only into ancient tombs but also into the profound depths of the human spirit. It resonates with those who gaze at the stars, yearning for the secrets of the past—a tale that unearths the eternal quest for connection and knowledge.

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  • Adventure

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  • 12 and up
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Action! The Tomb of Ptahmes begins in 1910 at an archaeological dig in the blazing Libyan Desert. This is where Carter Pinsent’s father receives a carte-de-visite from Sir Robert Ottley. Little do father and son know that the summons is the beginning of a death-defying adventure centered around the tomb of the Egyptian priest Ptahmes. When Sir Ottley and the senior Pinsent are inexplicably placed in a state of suspended animation, teens May Ottley and Carter Pinsent join forces and race against time to save their fathers’ lives.

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