They Carry Their Own Water
They Carry Their Own Water: A Day In The Life of Indigenous Indians In Ecuador
They Carry Their Own Water
Nancy Milakovic Mcgann
This book is a photographic journal of a day in the life of indigenous Indians protesting with fire blockades on the Pan American Highway against the U.S. free trade talks. Throughout most of South America, people struggle to make a living. More than half the people in Ecuador today live in poverty. In 2006, the Andean countries were negotiating a free trade pact with the United States. Washington decided to make changes in order to freely export American goods to South America. The indigenous groups understood that importing to Ecuador would flood their markets and make a stressed economic situation worse.

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The author, Nancy Milakovic McGann, reveals her experience in Ecuador, a country in South America that borders Peru and Colombia. In particular, she writes about her one- hundred-mile journey to Quito, the capital of Ecuador. What was supposed to be a smooth two-hour car ride turned into hours of hitchhiking and walking: the people of Ecuador have placed multiple roadblocks throughout the main highway, preventing any vehicles from passing through. They are protesting the countrys free trade talks with the United States.

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