Teja's day at the Aquarium
Teja's day at the Aquarium
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Take a journey with Teja to see fish in the aquarium. 

Enjoy the delights and excitement of the aquarium with Teja's father, mother, and little brother! Stay tuned for more of Teja's adventures.

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Author and main character, Teja Harper, recounts her family’s adventure at the Aquarium. Teja enters the vivid illustration of the St. Louis Aquarium. Scenes of wonder and discovery abound as Teja visits interesting fish such as Red Garra, nibbling shrimp, and clown fish. Conversations with Teja’s brother, mother, and father slowly add atmosphere to the picture book as Teja views splashing otters, various turtles, and jellyfish.

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Teja's Day at the Aquarium is a children's picture book that takes young readers on a journey as Teja explores the aquarium.  Authored by Teja Harper, a 10-year-old girl, this book takes the reader along on her visit with her father, mother, and little brother.  The visit is presented through Teja’s eyes, ears, and hands-on experience.  At the aquarium, they see a diverse group of marine creatures.  Teja and her family comment throughout the story on their experience and the creatures they see, all accompanied by illustrations from Carol

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