The Taste of Snow
The Taste of Snow
The Taste of Snow
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When winter arrives in the Austrian Alps, eleven-year-old Nicole Kinders is given a candy cane by the mysterious shopkeeper, Boznik, who tells her that the candy cane is magic. After her first taste, it seems the whole world becomes more colorful, more delicious, and more dangerous. A quarrel between students on the tram home from school leads Nicole to intervene, beginning a frightening series of events that threaten Nicole. She finds herself losing the joy of holiday preparations, and realizes that the vexing secret she keeps is influencing every part of her life. She finds no help from the magic candy cane, and decides she must return it to the shopkeeper.

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  • Fiction

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  • 12 and up

The Taste of Snow is a book about an ordinary eleven-year-old girl named Nicole Kinders.  At least she was an ordinary girl, until one day, on her way to school, she bought a magic candy cane.  On her way back from school the same day, she found that a tiny piece of the candy cane had cracked off inside of the plastic wrapping.  She decided to test if the candy cane really was magic by eating that little piece.  Instantly she was hit by a flare of peppermint flavor that she hadn't experienced before.  She also started seeing things brighter than they usually app

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When a young girl named Nicole is sold a magic candy cane, everything changes. Whether good or bad, magic is in the air. When bad things overtake good things, Nicole finds herself depressed. Before she can return the candy cane, she finds what is really important and learns an important lesson. Nicole learns that things could have been worse. Much worse. She also learns that magic is everywhere, even if it doesn't seem like it.

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