The Tale of the Wulks
The Tale of the Wulks: A remarkable man on a remarkable journey
The Tale of the Wulks
When evil threatens to dominate earth and subjugate its citizens, a mixed band of humans and magical creatures must set forth to confront it. Among them, a unique autistic being discovers the depth of his courage and power as he steps forward to lead his small group of warriors as life and death hang in the balance. An action-packed journey in the ageless battle between good and evil, V. K. Green’s debut weaves fantasy-adventure with science fiction and thriller elements to stunning effect. Rilk Wulk is an autistic boy living among his people atop Mission Peak Regional Preserve in California, unknown to the humans a short distance away. A magical race, they are guardians of the earth and its citizens, ever vigilant, ever watchful, ever ready to take up arms against those who would attack our planet. One day when Rilk sees his grandfather Manfield leaving the country with the Dragon Prince Englar, he knows that danger is imminent and that he and his friends must join the quest—whatever the cost. Dark Lord Vanko is determined to dominate earth and make humankind his unwilling subjects. Now Rilk, Prince Englar, and their friends must destroy Vanko’s evil plans. To do so, however, they will need greater numbers. Joined by races of men, dwarfs, and elves, they face a foe far more powerful than their numbers combined. Narrowly escaping death and barely holding their fellowship together, Rilk steps forward to lead them as Lord Vanko prepares to kill all of them. A breathtaking vision of unbridled imagination, Green delivers a mind-expanding action-adventure that is filled with amazing creatures, edge-of-your-seat thrills, and jaw-dropping battles. Moving effortlessly forward, it portrays a character whose autism is neither a hindrance nor a special power—it is, as they say, simply what it is: a difference in how the brain functions. As thought provoking as it is entertaining, The Tale of the Wulks will change the way you think as it both entertains and captivates you.

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  • Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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An action-filled adventure awaits you in The Tale of the Wulks. It is an electrifying book about a fourteen year old named Rilk and his companions. Rilk is autistic and a wulk. A wulk is a creature that is almost exactly like a human; the only differences are that wulks have thick hair on their faces and they grow tails at the age of eighteen. Rilk and his friends are having a party at his house. After the party, Prince Englar, and Rilk's grandfather, Manfield, have a conversation with each other. Prince Englar is a dragon from the dragon planet.

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