The Tale of Cloran Hastings
The Tale of Cloran Hastings
The Tale of Cloran Hastings
Brandon M. Dennis
A wave of water in the shape of a clawed hand crashes onto the deck of Wavegrazer. The wheel spins violently; the ship lurches and Cloran's men are flung into the sea. As the masts break and the sky goes black, one name flutters across Cloran's lips. "Adaire..." Cloran has spent his life at sea and is set to retire. He hopes to marry his long-suffering fiancée Adaire, but his hopes are dashed when King Bozin sends him on one final journey to the far-flung icy island city of Miotes. This time, however, the Sea is jealous of Cloran, and will never give him up to Adiare freely. Alas, Cloran has no choice, and accepts the mission begrudgingly. "One final journey," he tells himself. No matter what happens, it will be his last. Join Cloran, First Mate Len, Greaves, Darrell, Turner, Mallory, Richards and Jenkins as they navigate Wavegrazer through icy channels, floating castles, magical islands inhabited with faerie women and deadly reefs patrolled by the evil man-killing crab, Krackaman.

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  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up

The Tale of Cloran Hastings is a book about a sailor named Cloran and his crew and their relationship with the sea.  Cloran captains the ship Wavegrazer and is the most skilled captain around.  Cloran has just come home from a nine month journey and is exhausted.  That same day, he receives a message from King Bozin requiring him to sail to the Island of Miotes to retrieve his daughter.  Unluckily for Cloran, he was going to retire after his nine month journey so he could be with the love of his life, Adaire.  He promises Adaire that he will come back from this forc

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Cloran is the famous captain of the Wavegrazer. He and his crew return home after nine months at sea with nothing but rest and relaxation on their minds. Cloran is deeply considering retirement so he can marry his love, Adaire, who has waited so long. But just as they arrive home the King sends Cloran and his crew out again. Cloran promises himself it will be his last journey, but the sea is a jealous mistress and full of many mystical things.

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