Sword of Damocles
Sword of Damocles (Cade Knight)
Sword of Damocles
Brian Bern
Cade Knight was born into a family of spies. Espionage is in his blood.Cade helped his father design the J-Phone, the most significant invention in the history of spy craft-complete with Eavesdropper, Impersonator, and Hacker apps. Together, they customized a J-Phone for the president of the United States, enabling him to launch nuclear weapons from the Nuclear Football app.Too bad the J-Phone falls into the wrong hands, and enemy agents hunt for those who know how to use it. When family members begin to fall off the grid, Cade and his twin sister call on years of training to identify and infiltrate the opposition. They must rescue their mother, retrieve the J-Phone, and reunite the family.Failure could cost one life or a hundred million.Sword of Damocles is a young adult spy novel set in Washington, D.C.

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  • Adventure

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Cade and Brook are brother and sister whose parents work for the CIA and FBI. Despite this, they live pretty normal lives until they overhear their parents talking about a mole leaking information. From there, things go downhill as one by one their parents go missing. Cade and Brook are the only ones with any hope at keeping their parents alive and recovering a top secret piece of technology with the power to start nuclear war. They're up against terrorists, on the run, and only have ten days to fix everything. 

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