Summer of Elves
Summer of Elves (Seasons of Elves Book 1)
Summer of Elves
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Summer of Elves is an enchanting fantasy about a twelve-year-old girl thrust into a magical world she knew nothing about. Trained by her grandmother, Aly must learn how her new-found talent and embrace the responsibility of seeing a mythical world that most humans never will see. In this coming-of-age novel, our heroine needs to embrace these powers so that good conquers evil.

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  • Fantasy

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  • 12 and up
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Summer of Elves is a book about a girl named Aly who just turned twelve.  It is summer vacation and she is looking forward to spending time with her friends along with working in her grandma's garden.  Aly will be helping out in the garden to earn some spending money.  On one of her first days working for her grandma, she sees a rustle among the leaves and seeds she is picking up.  At first she ignores the rustle, but when it continues, she calls her grandmother over to investigate.  What Aly at first thought to be a lizard or snake turns out to be a creature Al

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Are there actually mystical creatures in the world around you? One summer Aly, the main character, began working in her grandmother’s garden and suddenly her whole life transformed in many unexpected ways. Aly finds out that her grandmother didn’t want her to work for her, but she wanted to train her to become the new guardian of light elves that until now Aly had never seen before. Since Aly had come of age, now she can see thousands of creatures from Norse Mythology all of the time. This is great news until she finds out that some of these creatures are extremely dangerous.

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