The Summer of Cotton Candy
The Summer of Cotton Candy (A Sweet Seasons Novel)
The Summer of Cotton Candy
Debbie Viguié
Most people think The Zone is an amusement park, but Candy Thompson knows it’s really a slave labor camp. What else would you call a summer job that requires a sixteen-year-old girl to set aside her whole social life for the privilege of standing out in the hot sun selling cotton candy? Still, there are perks―particularly the mysterious hunk in the Lone Ranger costume. Behind that mask are the most amazing eyes Candy has ever seen. Who is that masked man? But someone else is just as interested. And romantic competition isn’t the only problem. Besides being hard work, The Zone is eating up major time. How is Candy supposed to stay involved in church? Worse yet, will she lose her best friend, Tamara, who resents how Candy’s job limits their time together? This is NOT the summer Candy hoped for! But as she is about to discover, the summer of cotton candy will be the greatest summer of her life.

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  • Chick Lit
  • Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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On the back of the book its says "Will this be the summer that Candace hoped for?" It is exactlly right in saying it. Candace Thompson goes threw everything and almost anything you could think of. She starts off by looking for a job, which she finds at "the Zone" a local theme park. In the story one girl tells her there are people who work at the park, people who vist the park and people who do both, otherwise known as "Zoners".'Will Candace be a Zoner or is this STILL just a summer job.

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