Storm of Arranon
Storm of Arranon (Volume 1)
Storm of Arranon
Volume I- When a brutal alien invades and threatens to destroy the two worlds that make up Cadet Erynn Yager’s existence, she is thrust into battle, forced to expose her powerful, magical abilities, revealing the truth of her forbidden birth, unraveling her carefully guarded web of secrets. Aware of Erynn’s potential, the alien enemy pursues her. In a constant race to elude the invaders, she struggles to gain control of her growing powers. A mysterious essence intervenes, plunging Erynn into a dangerous, but beautiful world. The planet itself reaches out to her with a living consciousness, leading her on a mystical journey. Erynn becomes the catalyst to a chain reaction of events, condemned by the very people she fights to save. When her responsibility extends far beyond what she imagined, she discovers the true meaning of sacrifice. Although her secret may be her worlds’ only hope, being a child of two worlds could cost Erynn her life.

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In Storm of Arranon, by R.E. Sheahan, Erynn has to deal with both a hidden secret and her feelings for Jaer. When an alien society is discovered on their planets, Erynn and Jaer are thrust into battle and Erynn's secret may be their worlds' only hope. Struggling with her feelings and the war raging constantly Erynn must figure things out quickly before horrible things happen. When Jaer and Erynn are finally together, war drives them apart. Will they ever be able to be together? Will their planets be saved?

From the Publisher

Praise for Robynn Sheahan's books
"They say stories should start out with a hook, so that the reader has the immediate desire to continue reading. Here is the first sentence of Storm of Arranon - Fire and Ice: "A high piercing scream ripped through icy air and echoed along the dark intersecting tunnels." That's quite a hook. This sentence does more than just show how engaging the story is. It also shows how efficient this author is at descriptions. This is just one sentence, and yet the reader already knows that someone is terrified, he or she is somewhere cold and dark, and the setting seems to be somewhere secluded and empty. Sheahan has found a way to give just enough description to give the reader an idea of what a scene contains or what a character looks like, without overdoing it."
Jackie Jones


"I was introduced to the world of Arranon in Storm of Arranon, Book One. I made many friends and was fascinated by the world R.E. Sheahan built."

"The first book won my heart and imagine how happy I was to find Fire and Ice was even better. The author’s writing is tighter, more showing then telling. This is excellent as I would love to be able to see Erynn’s world of Arranon. You almost can."

"There’s more danger, action, and suspense too. Erynn’s determination to protect Arranon has made her mature and step up her game, keeping you so wrapped up in Fire and Ice. The many characters enrich the story and bring it all to life."

"The battles are intense, but not too graphic, and the romance is light, with no sexual scenes. I would recommend this to everyone."

"A wonderous continuance in the addictive story of Arranon and it’s fate."


"This science fiction story follows many of the genre standards with a clear good-versus-evil storyline. However, the details and the characters are well drawn and very engaging – keeping those pages turning up until the very end. Sheahan blends just the right amount of description that allows the reader to visualize the story, without too much detail that distracts from the overall plot. The novel flows smoothly, with a near-perfect balance between the plot and the action.  Each character – both supporting and main – grows and matures throughout the course of the book, making them relatable and sympathetic. Sheahan also pays attention to the smallest details in creating her worlds of Arranon and Korin. She not only peoples them with realistic and lifelike characters, but she also describes native animal species, and unique landscapes to make this an enjoyable world to become immersed in. It is a well-blended novel and one that will appeal to both teen and adult readers of the science fiction and fantasy genre."
Krystal Rinyu from Your First Review




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