The Starlight Bar and Grill:the whole pie
The Starlight Bar and Grill:the whole pie

The Starlight Bar and Grill: the whole pie is about a fiction al place where a group of people are gathered as either employees or patrons trying to figure out the maze of life and love. There are plenty of slices and a lot to enjoy.

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  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • Adult

The Starlight Bar and Grill begins with two brothers, Scottie and Carl, recently reunited following the death of their father. He established a welcoming eatery and filled it with a cast of vibrant characters, but it closed down when the boys were younger. The brothers are back in town and ready to fire up the grill once more. The story unfolds as the brothers learn to live alongside each other and each of their baggage. Along the way, the brothers reestablish this magnificent place where people from all backgrounds gather to celebrate life and all of its facets.

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