The Star of The Serpent
The Star of the Serpent
The Star of The Serpent
If you were thereā€¦ You would have heard a surprising story about the mystical star that today inspires the annual crowning of cultivated saplings and the proud decoration of many homes. A star believed by many sent to glorify a newborn king. But there is a sinister side to the tale many have never been told. It is the untold story of a manipulated star that led unsuspecting astrologers to a jealous king bent on eliminating a rightful ruler. An artful star that indirectly influenced a hidden infanticide that neither clerics nor profiteers want to talk about or remembered. A pretending star of light guided by one known as "the serpent".

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  • Historical Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up

In The Star of the Serpent, two astrologers see a very strange star while studying a beautiful night sky. After telling other people about it, they realize only they can see it. They confront a rabbi, who tells them it is a sign of the Messiah. The rabbi tells them to travel to Jerusalem to find this newborn king. While the astrologers travel to Jeruselem, the wicked King Herod is on the hunt to annihilate this new king. Will these astrologers find the Messiah in time to save him from King Herod's wrath?

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