Star In The Forest
Star in the Forest
Star In The Forest
Laura Resau
Zitlally's family is undocumented, and her father has just been arrested for speeding and deported back to Mexico. As her family waits for him to return—they’ve paid a coyote to guide him back across the border—they receive news that he and the coyote’s other charges have been kidnapped and are being held for ransom. Meanwhile, Zitlally and a new friend find a dog in the forest near their trailer park. They name it Star for the star-shaped patch over its eye. As time goes on, Zitlally starts to realize that Star is her father’s “spirit animal,” and that as long as Star is safe, her father will be also. But what will happen to Zitlally’s dad when Star disappears?“A vibrant, large-hearted story.”—Publishers Weekly, Starred (on Red Glass)

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  • Mystery

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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The book "Star in the forest" by Laura Resau is a mystery/adventure about a girl named Zitally,her friend Crystal and a dog named Star. When Zitally's dad goes missing the girls find a starving dog chained to an old truck hood.When fighting goes on in Crytal's home, she knows she can lean on Zitally's shoulder.The three find mischief in the search for Zitally's father.Then Star disappears suddenly. Where is her father? Will they see each other again?

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