Stalking Los Angeles
Stalking Los Angeles: Finding courage and love in the madness
Stalking Los Angeles
Stalking Los Angeles©Finding courage and love in the madnessReggie is tormented by his domineering father to shed the old Indian ways. Forced to leave his country home, he hates the city and his new school, where he is attacked by Kevin, the racist beast on campus. He falls hard for his first girl who can love him in only one way.Reggie goes on a vision quest to reconnect with his Cochimi tribal ancestors –to discover his supernatural ‘power animal’ that will guide him into manhood. At the same time, a young cougar enters the megalopolis in search of a mate, but is attacked by the dominant male of his species.Reggie’s vision quest spirals out of control –hallucinating he is a half-human, half-animal, capable of killing. He now must face Kevin, confront his father and challenge the stalking cougar, in order to win over a new girl who could love him completely.Praise for Stalking Los Angeles“Nothing seems to be going right in Reggie Youngblood’s life...Reggie soon finds his escape in studying mountain lions and his Indian heritage... Read Stalking Los Angeles by Tom Berquist to discover how Reggie falls in love, discovers himself and learns some of life’s most important lessons. Four out of five stars.”“...the storyline was a very original idea... Reggie was likable and easy to relate to. (T)he plot moved along at a nice pace, and it always held my interest. I ... would recommend it to others.” ~Taylor H.“Reggie is likeable... the epitome of a teenage boy...Berquist employs the use of dual narratives, paralleling Reggie’s journey with the journey of a mountain lion just reaching his maturity. This dual narrative brings (the novel) to the next level. I believe this novel would be something teenage boys ... could really identify with.” ~Shannon A. Los Angeles“I would recommend this book to teens (who) struggle with who they are and struggling to accept their new surroundings. Stalking Los Angeles shows the perspective of various characters undergoing confusions about life, parents, sexuality, and themselves....(T)his book moved me to try and become more observant of nature and what it has to offer, what it can do to relieve my troubles, and to become more protective of it...Life will turn out ok; there are many bumps, trips, and struggles, but as Reggie proved, most struggles have a better reward at the end and have a great outcome.”~Mel R. Los Angeles“Stalking Los Angeles is a coming of age story for nature lovers... (A) heartwarming story of conservation and coming of age in a world that is careless and unkind both to mountain lions and to teenage boys. ...(I)t is a good story in which heroes get to be heroes. We could use more stories like that.” ~Elizabeth K. Lexington, KYExcerpt:Reggie could not see or hear that he was being sought out. Fast asleep, he could not know that animal that he wanted as his spiritual guide was steadily following his scent, and heading directly to the cabin.At fifty feet away, the lion’s acute hearing picked up the rhythmic inhale and exhale of the two-leg’s breath. At twenty-five feet, the lion’s acute night vision could see the rise and fall of the two-leg’s chest.On the ground below the raised cabin, the lion anchored its hindquarters with its tail and lifted its front quarters in one effortless ascension. It reached up and unsheathed its two-inch claws and locked them on the outside lip of the cabin floor. At two feet from the two-leg’s face, but on the other side of the screen, the lion’s whiskers felt the warmth of his body. Although the lion could have cut through the screen and then through the throat of the two-leg in a single swipe, he did not. The two-leg stirred and the animal left as silently as he came.A note from the author: I hope you will enjoy my book. Know too, that you will be helping to preserve nature in the process. I am donating 25% of the royalties on this book to wildlife conservation.

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Nothing seems to be going right in Reggie Youngblood’s life. He recently moved from his familiar house nestled in the woods to the suburbs of Los Angeles. His dad is serving in the war overseas, but still finds a way to give Reggie a hard time. On top of that, a bully is constantly teasing Reggie about his Indian background.

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