Spy X: The Code
Spy X: The Code
Spy X: The Code
Peter Lerangis
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In this thrilling mystery series, 12-year-old twins Andrew and Evie navigate through a maze of intrigue and espionage as they try to uncover the truth about their mother's disappearance.Leaving only a cryptic note, Andrew and Evie's mother vanishes on their eleventh birthday. Now, almost a year later, the twins receive a mysterious package from someone named Spy X. They soon learn that the contents of the box will lead them on an incredible journey toward finding their mother - and into a world where no one's identity can be trusted.In Book #1, Andrew and Evie aren't initially sure what to make of the package that arrives at their door soon after they move to a new town. It's filled with random things--a key, something that looks like a kaleidoscope, (continued)

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  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery

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  • 12 and up
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The book Spy X: The Code is about two twins whose mother disappears on their eleventh birthday. No one knows where she went or even what she did for a living. A year later, the two twins and their dad move into a new town. They meet an old lady, Ms. Digitalis, who does not appear to be who she seems. In fact, they are right. Digitalis is a coworker of their mother and helps them learn the tricks of their family trade, spying! With her help, the twins learn what it takes to be a true spy, and hopefully, what it takes to save their mother. To find out what happens, read the book.

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This is a story about two twins, Andrew and Evie, whose mother left them on a secret mission one year ago. Their mother is a spy for a mysterious organization that they don't even know about. When all hopes are low to ever find them again, they meet a lady, Mrs. Digitalis, who knows their mother. With the help of some useful gadgets, they must find out what has happened to their mom.

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