Spies Among Us
Spies Among Us

Assigned to London, Alex Boyd, diplomatic security RSO, and his wife, Rachel Smith, now a political officer for the Department of State, step into a spider’s web of intrigue at the US Embassy. Neither realizes – at first – the damage a co-worker is creating by passing on highly classified information from the US government and NATO to a deep cover Russian spy But as stories appear inconsistent and anomalies occur, Alex and Rachel begin to suspect who is responsible for the espionage. With the help of the embassy CIA Station Chief Anna Battles, Scotland Yard’s Special Branch, and British Intelligence Services, they work closely together to sort out the lies. But the Russians have more than one ace up their sleeve as Alex and Rachel soon realize American secrets are still being lost to the other side. It will take the combined efforts of Alex Boyd, the CIA, and the FBI to figure out who else is trading secrets before the damage is beyond repair. They must find and stop “the spies among us.”


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  • Adventure

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  • Adult
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Spies Among Us by Mel Harrison is the next in the Alex Boyd series. Alex is a Special Agent in Diplomatic Security and a Regional Security Officer. His wife, Rachel Smith, works with the US Embassy. Alex and Rachel are both assigned to London, England, at a time when the Russians are plotting nefarious schemes involving global security. The Russians are playing their hand on a particular spy whose growing romantic relationship with an American agent is feeding them delicate information.

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