S'nat Wars
S'nat Wars
Everything should've changed the day vampires and shapeshifters came out to the world six years ago, but it didn't--at least not for Gabi Daniels. She still sleeps, eats, runs, and goes to school. And when she's out in public, she still can't tell if the people she passes on the street are humans or actually Supernaturals, aka S'nats. No one else can, either, which is the problem. If S'nats have actually populated the globe for eons without anyone knowing, what else might be lurking out there, ready to pounce? Then Gabi's dad, a lawyer, defends a vampire accused of murdering a human. His high-profile win results in threats from S'nat haters. To keep Gabi safe, he hires WatchDogs, Inc., a personal protection agency with bodyguards that actually shapeshift into dogs. Fray Matsen, a Rottweiler, has his work cut out for him and not just because he finds Gabi a big distraction. Will his human strength and canine senses be enough to protect Gabi?

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  • Paranormal

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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In a world where supernatural beings roam the world with humans side by side, one girl is in the middle of it all. With a lawyer as a dad defending the supernaturals, anything could happen. After some death threats to her dad he decides to get supernatural bodyguards. How will the humans and supernaturals be able to live with one another?

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