Smoke Screen
Smoke Screen (Faithgirlz! / Boarding School Mysteries)
Smoke Screen
Bruce Emmett, Kristi Holl
Abby Wright, with her cute English accent and cool way of saying things, is Jeri McKane's biology lab partner and close friend. When a mysterious explosion in their lab sends Abby to the hospital, Jeri's sleuthing nose smells more than just smoke. Can she unravel the mystery before anyone else gets hurt, and worse yet, is the firebug at Landmark School targeting her? Danger and mystery abound for the group of middle-school friends as they are faced with the daily choice to trust God or give into their fears in the face of overwhelming challenges.

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  • Fiction
  • Mystery
  • Series

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Jeri McKane doesn't expect much when she heads to her usual science class. Neither does Abby Wright, her best friend. When Abby goes early to the class room, Jeri shares some jokes with Tim, the assistant janitor. Then, that's when Jeri recognizes smoke coming from the science room. A loud explosion followed. lyndsey, a girl in Jeri's classes, came out of the room coughing with several other students. Abby wasn't one of them. Finally, Jeri and Lyndsey went in the burning room. Lyndsey doused the fire while Jeri looked for Abby.

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