The Shadow of Theron
The Shadow of Theron

The powers of old are fading. A new Age is dawning.

Holy relics are all that remain of Theron's sacred legend. 

Now those relics, the enchanted weapons forged by the Three-Faced Goddess to help Theron defeat the wicked Sorcerer Argoss, are disappearing.

Lysandro knows the village magistrate Marek is responsible, and he searches for proof disguised as the masked protector the Shadow of Theron. 

But when Marek wounds him with an accursed sword that shouldn't exist, Lysandro must find a way to stop Marek from gaining any more artifacts created by the Goddess or her nemesis. The arrival of the beautiful newcomer Seraphine, with secrets of her own, only escalates their rivalry. 

As the feud between Lysandro and Marek throws Lighura into chaos, a pair of priestesses seeks to recover the relics and return them to safekeeping. But the stones warn that Argoss is returning, and they must race to retrieve Theron's most powerful weapon. But as they risk their lives for a legend, only one thing is certain. The three temples to the Goddess have been keeping secrets: not just from the faithful, but from each other.

Book Details


  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Romance

Age Level: 

  • Mature Young Adult

Lysandro de Castel (the main protagonist) tries to make Lighura safe for it's people as it has become clear to him and most of the settlers in Lighura that Lothan Marek (main antagonist), who happens to be magistrate of Lighura, has no interest in enforcing the law. More importantly, Lothan has his own agenda, which is to inherit the powers of Argoss that he can obtain by stealing relics from the three gods found in the temples. Lothan has his own army made of Argoss' children.

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