In the Shadow of the Lion
In the Shadow of the Lion
In the Shadow of the Lion
Fifteen-year-old Kathleen Gallant is on an archaeological adventure at Tsavo East National Park in Kenya when she unearths the grave of an ancient woman known as Njeri. The natives are horrified by this discovery; Njeri is so infamous that no local will even speak her name. They fear the discovery of Njeri's corpse will bring about pestilence and disease upon their tribe. The legend of Njeri goes back to the mystical Mchanga and Misitu War. This war was fought long ago, and historians are still unsure of how it ended. It seems the soldiers from this war apparently disappeared. Now news of local villagers either gone missing and even some found dead are worrying her friends, but Kathleen feels strangely drawn to the story of Njeri; she begins to have nightmares and visions of a past life and a battle of wills. Someone is taking over Kathleen's young mind-someone who wants revenge. With the help of her new friends Sekani and Okechuku, Kathleen discovers the ancient war never really ended. Under the influence of Njeri, she learns more about the past than she ever expected to-and realizes she may become the weapon through which Njeri exacts her revenge.

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In the Shadow of the Lion by Kimberly M. Jane is a story about a girl named Kathleen who comes from Canada to Kenya to go to an archeology camp. She acts strangely from the moment she arrives at the camp. She digs her own grave without even knowing it, and she keeps visiting this cave at the camp, although a man in the cave keeps telling her not to return and to leave Kenya. In the other parts of the country, hyenas and lions have been acting weird.

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From Kimberly M. Jane's website:
" Long ago, two powerful African kingdoms disappeared during an intense battle, and the warriors who fought the war are still unaccounted for."

"Recently, some archaeologists and local villagers have either gone missing or been found dead."

"While at an archaeological dig, in Kenya, fifteen year-old Kathleen Gallant unearths the cursed grave of Njeri.
Kathleen's life begins to change, and what starts as a harmless dream soon transforms into nightmarish visions of a past life, and a battle of wills; the visions infiltrate her mind, suffocating her until her individuality and sense of reality become another's."

"Under the influence of Njeri, Kathleen learns more about the past than she ever expected, and soon realizes she may become the weapon through which Njeri exacts her revenge."

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"I found “In The Shadow of the Lion” to be very entertaining and interesting. It kept the interest of the reader at all times. The characters were easy to get to know and the author truly has a great imagination."
-Brenda Minor

"Just another chapter, just another chapter, next thing I knew it was 1:00am!"
-Wendy Urquharts

"I have just finished reading Kimberly's first published novel, "In the Shadow of the lion." I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it: great plot, lots of action - a real page-turner. I can't wait for the sequel!"
-Pamela McLauchlan

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