Seriously Silly!
Seriously Silly!
Stop acting so Silly!

Joking and silliness can help children connect with those around them, and feel less worried about fitting in. The problem with silliness is when it goes too far or happens in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Children need to learn how to stop or how to slow down a little.

Why is Tip Tipper confused? He doesn't know the right time to act silly and the right time to act serious.
Boys and girls are becoming more and more annoyed with Tip's behavior. Will he find a way to act so he can romp in the grass and high-five with his classmates?

This fun picture book is a great way to teach children social skills in everyday situations such as on the playground or in the classroom, Children will learn how to breathe through difficult emotions and feelings, and learn how to stop and think before acting.

* Helps kids understand when it is OK to be silly and when it's not
* Helps children develop social skills and self-regulation
* Teaching impulsive kids to "pause" and breathe through big feelings
* Kids learn how to behave, manage worries and adapt to change
* Teaching kids how to be polite and make friends

A story with a great message:
"A great book about social skills, self-regulation, and making friends. I read it with my 6-year-old granddaughter."

"My kids loved the book! It has a positive message for children trying to "fit in".

The social-emotional book for kids:

' Great story with captivating writing
* Colorful, high-quality illustrations
* Engaging, grabs children's attention
* Perfect for kindergarten and elementary school

This story is perfect for boys and girls ages 6-10 or even a bit younger or older. An invaluable resource for parents, grandparents, teachers, school counselors, and anyone who works with kids.

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  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8
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Tip Tipper is a second grader with lots of smarts and sillies to share. When he tries to join his friends at the park, instead of making them laugh, he scares them; when a classmate falls, he laughs. Tip just can’t seem to figure out the right time to be silly. In an effort to impress his peers at the school spelling bee, Tip embarrasses himself. With the help of King Nobble Ook, the ruler of the village, Tip must learn the appropriate time to have fun and the right way to make friends.

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Seriously Silly is a story about a boy, Tip, who doesn't seem to understand when things are funny or how to interact with others in social situations to make them laugh. Tip needs some social language support but some people, children, and adults in his community don't understand this and "boo" at him when he makes a social mistake and tells a silly joke during a spelling bee.

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