Serial Retribution
Serial Retribution

Doug Larson felt like the happiest man on Earth with his loving wife, Barbara, whom he adored. Their enchanted lives only got better with the birth of a healthy son who became the center of their beautiful universe.
They thought nothing could possibly go wrong in their perfect fantasy world until it suddenly did.
Doug’s life turned upside down, and life’s cruelty kicked him again as he fought to get back up. His life was Paradise Lost.
Once kind and gentle, Doug felt he had nothing left to live for except to inflict brutal retribution on those responsible for his misery: an eye for an eye. He saw no hope for Paradise Regained, but was there?


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  • Adventure

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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The book Serial Retribution is written about the life of Doug Larson, a young man who had been leading a simple and blissful life. Doug was an exceptionally bright kid in high school, which earned him a scholarship to a great University. He found love and married the woman of his dreams, and together they had a beautiful baby boy. Doug had achieved all that he desired.  He was basically living a life anyone would wish for. However, on his son's fifth birthday, tragedy struck, and his world came crashing down.

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