Seeking Dr. Magic
Seeking Dr. Magic
Seeking Dr. Magic
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Chaos reigns around the world. Strange creatures, accorded the title "Phantom Ninjas" by the media, are leaping off tall buildings and somersaulting back up without any scratch - and then disappear. There follows more spontaneous acts of magic, confounding the world. Who - or what - is responsible? In the middle of the mystery arrives Detective Hetfield, a private investigator just recently released from the FBI due to an on-the-job injury. Hetfield, accustomed to fame as a star witness in the murder trial of a beloved actress, uses the media to put forward the theory that a person of extraordinary magical powers is behind all the incidents, and labels him Dr. Magic. Hetfield gets much more than what he bargained for when that powerful being does exist - in the form of a young man long disillusioned with his past - and cruelly takes him up on his offer. For lovers of light-hearted and fun novels involving magic.

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  • Fantasy

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  • 12 and up
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Why would a person try to scare the whole world and then just disappear? Seeking Dr. Magic by Scott Spotson is about a former FBI agent and now a private investigator, who is trying to find a person who can move around the the world with in a blink of an eye. The private investigators name is Tony Hetfield or Detective Hetfield.

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“Seeking Dr. Magic” is about a former F.B.I. agent who was forced to retire and became a private detective after being shot in the arm. His name is Tony Hetfild, and he became famous for solving a crime involving a murdered celebrity. Eventually Tony finds himself pitted against the infamous Dr. Magic. Dr. Magic is known as an all-powerful sorcerer who can do anything he wants with magic except bring people back from the dead and read minds. Dr. Magic sends his minions, the Phantom Ninjas and the Rainbow Seekers, to make stunts on the streets and create chaos.

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