The Secret of Castle Cant
The Secret of Castle Cant
The Secret of Castle Cant
K.P. Bath
After years of being a loyal servant to the family of the Baron of Cant, Lucy is shocked to discover that she was an orphan and the true heir to the throne of Cant and so now must decide whether to remain devoted to her long-time employees or stand with her real family as they prepare a revolt to win back her rightful kingdom.

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  • Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction

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  • 8 - 12
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A personal maid named Lucy Wickwright is always taking the blame for her mistress Miss Cant. Miss Cant is heir to the thrown of Castle Cant. One day when Lucy is taking her mistress to look at the telescope with Professor Lemonjello, Lemonjello thinks Lucy supports "the cause" ("The cause" is preventing the castle from getting chewing gum imported, because it is bad for the kingdom's health and it is addictive.) Lemonjello gives Lucy a message to send to a prisoner, Arden Gutz.

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