Second World
Second World
Second World
Clare, the youngest in her dysfunctional family, cannot connect with her explosive father, her emotionally stunted mother, or her bossy big sister. She separates herself from them and discovers that she is a supernatural link. Along with her grandfather’s ghost and Horus, the talking dog, she connects to the spirit realm, filled with supernatural creatures both good and grim, that lies within her world. Relying on the support of friends new and old, Clare journeys toward understanding the unnatural rules that govern both worlds and her destiny. When the spirit world and everyday life finally collide, young Clare must decide for herself what is real.

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  • Paranormal

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Clare's world is pretty messed up. Her dad smokes, her grandparents are dead, and the pastor's wife is deathly ill. A talking dog named Horus, whom she has always considered a friend, is showing an evil side. Then the pastor's wife, Millie, dies, and Judy - Clare's sister - gets sick! It's not a great life. However, at Millie's funeral, Clare meets a man named Change. After that her life starts to...well, change! She learns that she is a supernatural link, a person who still has enough imagination to see spirits.

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