Seasons of Raina
Seasons of Raina
Seasons of Raina
As a result of bullying, Raina, a ninth grader and only child from Denver, is withdrawn, timid, and listless. Concerned, but unable to leave their jobs, her parents arrange for her to try a new living arrangement. Raina flies to Minnesota and moves in with her aunt, uncle, and eight cousins. It is not a small adjustment; she now shares a room with a five and eight year old and finds privacy is something from her past. Can Raina adapt to rural Minnesota and the changes in her life?

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The Seasons Of Raina by Millissa Nelson illustrates the challenges of fitting in to a new place and doing the right thing even though it may be hard. When Raina is bullied at her school in Denver, she realizes that if she stays, life will be miserable until high-school is over, and that she needs to spend some time away. Her parents send her to Minnesota to live with her aunt and uncle and their eight kids.

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Seasons of Raina is a book about a girl whose mom and dad sent her to live with her aunt and uncle due to money problems at home. Raina is in high school, she is kind and often thinks about others, athletic and loves running. Her aunt and uncle have 8 children so Raina was never lonely and she also made friends at her new school. This book is about 1 year of Raina's life and what happens each season. This book deals a lot with her missing her mom and dad but she learns that change can sometimes be better.

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