Seals: Rolling Thunder
Seals: Rolling Thunder (A Seals Novel)
Seals: Rolling Thunder
Jack Terral
THE EXPLOSIVE SPECIAL FORCES MILITARY ACTION SERIES  They are America’s ultimate weapon in the war on terror. On the sea, in the air, or over land, they go where no one else will go, and do what no one else can do… Brannigan’s Brigands are billeted aboard the attack ship USS Daley in the Arabian Sea when they are handed a mission: patrol a sector of Afghanistan near the Iranian border. But the routine assignment puts them dangerously close to a large, mobile corps of Iranian Special Forces who have their own agenda. They plan to organize the scattered jihadists across the Middle East into a giant, cohesive army—starting with a rebel force already in the Afghanistan highlands. Now, Brannigan and his SEALs are targeted to be the first infidels to die in the terrorists’ quest to establish no less than a modern day Persian Empire...

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  • Fiction
  • Series

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  • 12 and up
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After several weeks of boredom and confinement aboard the USS Dan Daly, Lieutenant William "Wild Bill" Brannigan and his team of SEALS a.k.a. Brannigan's Brigands finally get a new assignment. There new mission (Rolling Thunder) is to patrol part of Afghanistan close to the Iranian border. After being shipped out to Shelor Fields, an air force base, they familiarize themselves with their new weapons and the DPV's (Desert Patrol Vehicles).

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