The Saint of Dragons
The Saint of Dragons
The Saint of Dragons
Jason Hightman
The ancient dragons -- of the time of the legendary Saint George and earlier -- have never disappeared entirely. Instead, they've moved undercover -- and into human society. Now one lonely schoolboy is about to learn where the dragons have gone ... Educated at boarding schools, Simon St. George has never met his parents. When a ragged-looking man shows up claiming to be his father, Simon is skeptical, and when the man kidnaps him, he's indignant to say the least. Then the man claims to be a descendant of England's Saint George and a career dragon fighter. Why should Simon believe any of this nonsense? But what if the man is telling the truth? What if the dragons know he's out there? Rich with the dragon lore of legend, the saint of dragons continues and enlarges on the tale of the centuries-old conflict between dragons and humans that rages even today.

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  • Adventure
  • Fantasy

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  • 12 and up
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A lonely boarding school boy named Simon has seen some pretty weird stuff lately, like swarms of beetles surrounding him. But nothing is as weird as what next happens. Simon gets taken away by a mysterious horse rider, Aldric, who says he is Simon's father. He also says that Simon has to help him fight all of the dragons that are still alive and still hate humans. Simon's dad tells Simon that dragons are disguised as humans and are usually the cause for a lot of misfortune. Only Simon and Aldric are able to see through the magical disguise.

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The book, The Saint of Dragons, is about a boy, Simon St. George, who was left at The Lighthouse School for Boys, a boarding school on the East Coast, by his parents when he was two. He has always wondered about his parents, especially his dad, and why they left him there. One day, a ragged man claiming to be his father snatches him from the school and takes him to a ship waiting in the harbor. Once there, the man explains to Simon that he really is Simons father. He also explains that he is a Dragonhunter.

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