Saddles, Stars, and Stripes: Chance of a Lifetime
Saddles, Stars and Stripes: Chance of a Lifetime
Saddles, Stars, and Stripes: Chance of a Lifetime
Deborah Kent
Jacquetta May Logan is visiting her relatives when the Union army commandeers her family's plantation, forcing her parents to flee. Alone in enemy territory, Jacquetta has only her beloved horse, a beautiful bay named Chance, for company. With the help of a brave slave girl, Jacquetta devises a daring plan to rescue her family's Morgan horses and lead them to safety across the Mississippi.

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  • Adventure
  • Historical Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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What will happen next? Jacquetta's brothers Marcus and Adam were sent off to fight in the Civil War. Yankees have taken over Vicksburg, seven miles away from her home in Green Haven, so now she has to live with her aunt in Brookmoor. Jacquetta rides away from her aunt's house on horseback after she decides that she misses her parents too much, but to her surprise the Yankees have taken Brookmoor also and her parents have fled. She sneaks into her horse barn just to find that her servant girl, Peace, is feeding her horses sugar.

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