Revenge Fires Back
Revenge Fires Back
Revenge Fires Back
JR Thompson
"Revenge Fires Back" is the incredible story of two rebellious brothers who have outgrown their parents' rules and discipline. The two young men decide it's time for revenge and together make up false allegations against Mom and Dad. Their plan backfires and the boys are forced into foster care - a world where their parents' decisions for their upbringing are ignored, medication is the solution for misbehavior, and kids seem to take over as authority figures. Soon, the boys realize their parents' rules and discipline were nothing compared to the physical and emotional struggles they would endure in the foster care system. Unfortunately, by the time they come to this realization it is too late. Or is it?

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  • Mystery

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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I think this book is a mystery and adventure. This is a book about a family and the things most families go through. This family has been through a lot of hard times. This book, Revenge Fires Back, will remind a lot of people about the old days and how it was when they were kids. It gets you back to that happy time in life. You find yourself caught in the book, and soon its all you can think about. I really fell for this book, and I think whoever reads this is in for a good read. You're not going to want to take your eyes off of this good read!

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