Red Vipereen and the Spellbound Stables
Red Vipereen and the Spellbound Stables
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Red Vipereen, an evil wizard, is bent on taking over Prince Rupert's world-famous stable of horses. Madame Fosse, the palace psychic, predicts that Edwin Goodchild is the only one who can help them. No-one believes her, least of all Edwin's sister, Holly. How could her eleven-year-old, wimpy brother help anyone? What Holly doesn't know is that Edwin possesses a magical gift with horses. And when Black of Sainglend, the prince's most prized horse, is stolen, it is Edwin who leads a search party across the treacherous Grindsniff Wastelands to find him. From Amazon

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  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12

One day when royal psychic Madam Fosse wakes up, she tries to get out of bed, but her legs are paralyzed. She blames Red Vipereen, an evil wizard who wants Prince Rupert’s horses, to be responsible for this curse. A few days later when she wakes up, her legs are no longer paralyzed. She runs to her Diviner to see what to do about Red Vipereen. She sees her old friend Wizard Grindsniff trying to send her a message.

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Holly Goodchild has a happy life living with her parents and brother Edwin, even if their family doesn't have the most money. This changes one day when her father mysteriously disappears, which their mom explains as him going abroad to work. A few days later, their mom disappears as well, and Holly and Edwin are taken to a home for orphans. This home turns out to secretly be a witches' lair where the children are forced to do chores and work for the witches. Holly finally figures out a way to escape the witches, and she and Edwin go to live with their Aunt and Uncle in Strawbridge.

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