Red Crucible
Red Crucible
Red Crucible
Terri Parady
When we first meet 17-year-old farm girl Jessie, it is several days after her high school band concert and her parents have just recently informed her that the world will end as she knows it. It doesn't take long or much effort from her parents to persuade Jessie to stop attending high school and train with her father, a war veteran, in survival. Through constant bad weather, some life-threatening scenarios and many reality-questioning dreams, Jessie is tested in more ways than she could ever imagine. Will the bringer of death consume her or will Jessie find her way through the trials ahead of her?

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  • Adventure
  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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17 year old Jesse was living a normal life, going to school, crushing on boys, shopping. Then one day her parents sat her down for a talk. Her dad, who was always having visions of the future, told her the world was going to end!

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