Arvin Short
It is 1954 in small-town Oklahoma and for 14-year-old Albie Stone and his two best friends, their innocent summer vacation revolves around fishing in the creek, afternoons at the local swimming pool and riding their bikes outside of town to explore the dark, hidden crevasses of the nearby caves they've recently discovered. But the caves become more than a simple adventure destination when an elderly, silver-haired Indian man appears almost magically out of nowhere to join them during a weekend campout. The old man befriends and mesmerizes the spellbound youngsters with his captivating campfire stories . . . before quietly disappearing into the summer night! Returning to the caves a few weeks later in hopes of another visit with the Indian they know as Johnny Killbird, the boys are instead swept into a dangerous fight for survival with an escaped murderer who's hiding out in the caves. Albie flees to a secret hideaway in the caves but soon finds himself in a face-to-face confrontation with the heartless convict. The battle in the darkened caves suddenly comes to a shocking conclusion as Albie emerges only to himself swept into the middle of a . . . murder investigation! It's a summer . . . and the fond memories of an old Indian . . . that Albie will never forget!

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  • Adventure
  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Reckoning is about a boy, Albie, who stops a well known killer. Everyone in town knows Albie and his two friends, Norbert and Leonardo, who spend most of their time at the caves at the edge of town, Norbert's house, or the pool. When they go anywhere in town, they are normally met by Larry and Butch, the town bullies. Albie is faced with either standing up to the bullies or trying to control his outrageous temper.

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