Rags and Ruins
Rags and Ruins
Rags and Ruins
Bob Dixon
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Rags leads an idyllic life for a goblin child—he spends his days playing in the landfill with his gargoyle friend Ladin, going fishing with his father Hargo in the river, and developing his love of music. His parents love him intensely, and his mother Calin is fiercely protective of him. How could he ask for anything more as he lives an enchanted life on the reservation on the outskirts of the “civilized” world, surrounded by mystical creatures and magic? Little does Rags realize that he is not a goblin but instead a human who was abandoned shortly after his birth and left in the landfill to be raised by the goblins as a way to fulfill an ancient prophecy of good and evil, twin brothers separated at birth and reunited in the thirteenth year of their life, one to unleash an ancient evil, the other the only hope to stop it from happening. A powerful tale of magic, music, and danger,Rags and Ruins is sure to thrill readers of all ages with its mix of adventure, intrigue, and humor—and if it doesn’t, they’ll have to answer to a furious goblin mother.

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  • Fantasy

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  • 12 and up
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Rags and Ruins is an exciting adventure book that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The book begins with a goblin named Hargo going to catch catfish when he finds a human baby. Hargo shows him to his wife, who then named him Rags. They brought Rags to The Man in the House, the leader of the scrap yard and landfill, to ask what to do.

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Rags and Ruins begins with a goblin named Hargo out along a river enjoying his day when he finds a baby human boy and he brings him home.  He and his wife raise him as a goblin after being told by the man in charge of their village to pretend he is a goblin.  Rags, the human boy, grows up as a goblin and makes a gargoyle friend named Ladin. The two of them go on many adventures together, not knowing that Rags is part of a prophecy and will soon have to face his brother in a war that could doom or save the world!
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