The Quest for the Trilogy
Quest for the Trilogy: A Rover Novel of Three Adventures
The Quest for the Trilogy
Mel Odom
The secret to protecting the civilized world from an ancient threat may lie in the pages of three books…and it is up to master librarians of the past and present to secure these pages of knowledge.Set in the years after Lord of the Libraries, young halfer Juhg is still growing into his job as Grandmagister when an ally from the past, the wizened wizard Craugh returns with warnings of an ancient threat that may resurface--the so-called "Kharrion's Wrath" which endangers the existence of the world.  Juhg must now unlock the secrets contained in the journals of his now absent mentor Wick, the former Grandmagister and legendary hero known as "The Rover."  He must also continue his documented but clandestine search for a trilogy of books, which brings him through many different realms of their very dangerous world…and into conflict and contact with other races (elves, dwarves, and men) whose fates are all intertwined among the pages of the great book of Time. The Quest for the Trilogy weaves three separate quests into one as the young historian races against the clock to protect not just his world, but all others as well.

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  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Grandmagister Juhg, head librarian of the Vault of All Known Knowledge, has undertaken a mission. He is trying to convince people who don't know how to read and have never seen a book in their lives to set up schools so that everybody can cherish books. Oh and another thing: they all fear books like the plague due to the goblinkin rebellion, a time during which everyone found with a book was either killed or enslaved.

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