The Quest for the Demon's Portal
The Quest for the Demon's Portal

This is the second book in the Mage's Quest series (but can be read as a standalone book). It picks up immediately after the events of The Quest for the Wizard's Ring. Chaant, Anjelica and Devlin had used Eldrid's ring to vanquish the demon horde that attacked Almarra and save the city. With the demons gone, the people of Almarra turned to the rebuilding of their homes as their lives slowly returned to normal. But all that changed when a group of refugees from Elharra arrived at Almarra's gates to report the coming of an even larger force led by a much more powerful Demon Lord. Now the mages and warriors of Almarra must face a new threat; one that has an uncanny knowledge of their methods and mysterious ties to their past. But before they leave for Elharra, the Wizard Eldrid suggests another course of action; one that might end the threat of demons forever. But to succeed, they might have to sacrifice the lives of the beleaguered city’s people.

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  • Adventure
  • Fantasy

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  • 12 and up
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Demons, goblins, dragons, mages, and unlikely yet noble alliances combine in the plot of The Quest for the Demon's Portal, the second book in Robert Valle's Mage's Quest series. Chaant and Ky'el meet up with other brave warriors and mages after their first battle with the demon horde in Almarra. They are hopeful that they might have vanquished all of the demons, but then they hear of another more powerful Demon Lord heading to the city of Elharra.

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