Psycho in Blue
Psycho in Blue

Best friends, Willie and Jackie, are two Black adults in their early twenties, living together in a cheap apartment. They meet Latricia, also in her early twenties, at a wild swimming party, and the three are seduced into a life of crime while high on weed and alcohol. Hosting the party was former high school basketball star Jawan, who was living a good life in his beautiful house in an exclusive area of town. Jawan likes to impress his acquaintances with his many play toys, including a collection of expensive sports and luxury automobiles. Jawan worked hard to create his little empire, built through several profitable activities, all of them illegal. 

Latricia, struggling to get by as a cocktail waitress at a bar Jawan frequents, asks her host what she could do to find success as he had. Jawan introduces her to Willie and Jackie, who are two of his pot customers. He suggests that they could make money selling previously owned computer equipment to another one of his associates. In their intoxicated condition, Jawan’s suggestion sounded like a good idea, and they agreed to go into business together. After the party breaks up, Latricia rides home with her two new partners so they can discuss their business plans, but after a night of drinking and smoking weed, the discussions soon end, and they fall asleep. 
The following morning, after they have a chance to recover from the previous night’s indulgences, they begin to discuss how to become the best crooks. Privately, all three are uncomfortable with the idea, but no one wants to be the spoiler for the other two, and they talk themselves into proceeding with the plan to burglarize small businesses. Latricia will scope out prospective targets during the day and drive the getaway car, while Willie and Jackie will break, enter, and steal the equipment early in the morning hours. They agree that they will carry no weapons.

Unfortunately for the trio, their first job is a disaster when the police drive by just as the alarm sounds, and the thieves are seen still in the front office of the business. One has a computer in his hands, and the other a printer. Willie and Jackie drop the equipment, exit through the shattered glass door, and run in different directions. Latricia sees the untimely police arrival and drives off unnoticed. The officer driving the car calls for assistance while the other chases Jackie, who has run around the back of the building into a dead end. Jackie sees he has no escape and stops running. The officer yells for him to drop his weapon. Jackie says he has no weapon and raises his arms. The psychopathic policeman ignores the surrender and shoots Jackie, who is dead, before his body hits the ground. He then removes a .22 caliber pistol from a plastic bag in his pocket, wraps Jackie’s dead right hand around the handle, and squeezes off a shot in the air with Jackie’s forefinger pressed on the trigger. He then drops the gun near the dead body. This officer will claim that Jackie shot at him before he resorted to deadly force. 
The shouting of the officer awakens a schizophrenic homeless man sleeping behind the building, and he witnesses the policeman’s actions before running away. A security camera at the back of one of the businesses captures that homeless man’s terrified reaction and escape. He also left a sign next to the old chair he slept in beside a dumpster. It said “property of Reggie. Keep off or else.” 

Willie is captured in the neighborhood when a police helicopter arrives to assist in the search. A policeman informs him that his partner died at the scene after shooting his gun at the pursuing officer. Nearly hysterical from the news, Willie swears that’s impossible because they had no weapons. Latricia is devastated after learning of Jackie’s death and agrees to do a clandestine television news interview in a darkened studio with no frontal view and with her voice disguised. She admits her involvement in the crime and swears they had no weapons. 

The story is about the evidence found during the investigation of the killing by Internal Affairs, the search for Latricia, known only as Madam X, the search for the homeless man, The resulting murder trial of the policeman, and the surprising final justice for Jackie.

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  • Mystery
  • Psycho Thriller

Age Level: 

  • Mature Young Adult
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The story starts with an insight to Sidney Turner's childhood. Sid, as he was often called, grew up sticking to himself and not relating well with others. He was full of himself, considering himself better than anyone else. After high school, he decided to join the Marines. A few years later, he became a Houston police officer after the necessary training. In the course of his duty, he and his partner, Ralph Connor, encountered two burglars, Willie and Jackie. He trailed Jackie, and due to his lack of empathy, he took rash actions.

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