The Properties of Water
The Properties of Water
The Properties of Water
Hannah Roberts McKinnon
When Lace's older sister, Marni, falls victim to a summer swimming accident, it paralyzes Lace in time. For Lace, there is only a before--can there be an after? But as the summer surges on, she learns that she must return to the water, the very thing that tore her family apart. This beautifully crafted novel explores the boundaries of family and friendship, the greatest griefs that knock us down, and the smallest kindnesses that guide us to safe harbors.

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  • Mystery

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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The Properties of Water is a book about a girl named Lace who's sister Marni has a medical condition. She almost drowns underwater after she jumps off Turtle Rock . Lace's mom and sister are at a far away hospital for people like Marni. Lace and her dad are home by themselves and her dad can't handle it, so he hires a helper named Willa Dodge. Lace thinks that Willa Dodge is a thief, so she keeps a close eye on her. But Lace finds out something about Willa besides stolen goods.

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In The Properties of Water Lace is faced with something that she grew up with, loved, and was like second nature to her: swimming. Lace's older sister, Marni, was in a swimming accident. And just to make things worse than they all ready are, her mom is spending the entire summer with Marni at the hospital. This means that the mysterious Wilma Dodge has taken over the house with her wonderful food and a creepy green suitcase. Lace is filled with so many emotions and challenges that she just can't take it anymore.
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