Pieces of Me
Pieces of Me
Pieces of Me
Susan Ouriou, Charlotte Gingras
Mirabelle's art teacher tells her she has talent, but what good is it doing her? Almost fifteen and friendless, Mira is plagued by dark thoughts. Her body seems to be changing daily. Her mother is domineering and half-crazy and her father -- well, he's her ex-father, mostly out of Mira's life and awkward when he's around. Then she meets free-spirited, confident Catherine, a knockout who makes the boys' jaws drop. Not only is Catherine good at art like Mira, she also knows about kissing boys. Mira has never kissed anyone and doesn't understand the hungry way boys are beginning to look at her. Now that Mira's finally found someone she can talk to, her dark thoughts are vanishing. But as her friend encourages her to come out of her shell, Mira finds that her new-found confidence can still be shattered in an instant. Only after Mira faces a betrayal and a tragedy can she begin to put the fragmented pieces of herself together.

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  • Adventure
  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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"Pieces of Me" has a very appropriate title. The book is literally in pieces. Each part is only several paragraphs long, separated by icons that indicate a break in the story. Through this, you get to know Mirabelle, the main character. She hates her name and goes by Mira instead, deciding it sounds more beautiful. She lives in a "half- basement" with her mom, who is slightly crazy. Her mom, somewhat of a fashion designer, is constantly paranoid that someone will steal her designs and insists that all the hot designs were created by her.

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